Yaquina Bay Lighthouse
& Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site

  • Park Hours:
    The Yaquina Bay Recreation Site, including trails and picnic areas, is open with reduced services. Public restrooms are open 9am to 6pm.
  • The lighthouse is temporarily closed and tours suspended due to Covid-19.

This site is located on a forested bluff on the north side of Yaquina Bay with views of the bay, the Yaquina Bridge, and the North Jetty. Trails lead to the beach from the west side of the park, which also has picnic tables and parking.

Yaquina Bay Lighthouse is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and is believed to be the oldest structure in Newport. This is the only existing Oregon lighthouse with attached living quarters and the only historic wooden lighthouse in Oregon that is still standing.

The lighthouse has an unusual history. It was built in 1871, only to be decommissioned three years later when the construction of Yaquina Head Lighthouse, a few miles north, was completed. More than a century later, it was officially restored as a privately maintained aid to navigation, reopening on December 7, 1996.  

See the Historic Marker and the websites linked below for more history, park, and tours information.

Lighthouse Admission: By donation

  • 24 miles N of Yachats
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