North Fork of the Yachats River Covered Bridge

From town, take a 9-mile scenic drive up the Yachats River Road to visit the historic North Fork of the Yachats River Covered Bridge. Seven miles up Yachats River Rd., you will cross a small cement bridge over the N Fork of the Yachats River – turn left here onto a well-maintained gravel road and continue for the final two miles. (Cars will do fine on this road, but the road will not accommodate RVs well.)

Park in the small turn-out just before the bridge and walk across.

The N Fork Yachats Covered Bridge was built in 1938 with a Queenpost truss, one of the few of this type remaining in Oregon. It was faithfully restored in 1989, and again in 2014.

Look up the hillside above the bridge for a view of a giant old-growth Spruce tree that is 350 years old.

If you make this trip in the early morning or evening, watch for elk grazing in pastureland shared by goats, sheep, horses, and belted black cattle, affectionately referred to by local children as the oreo cows.