Biking – Mountain Biking : Cummins Creek and
Cummins Vista Mountain Bike Loops

Cummins Vista Trail – Rated Difficult


There are two possible rides in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area: the Cummins Creek Loop Trail (6.25 miles) and the Cummins Creek Vista Loop Trail (10 miles). Both are shared by hikers and mountain bikers.

For the Cummins Creek Loop Trail, you can park at the trailhead across from Neptune State Park on Forest Service Road 1050. This is located 1.5 miles south of Cape Perpetua Visitors Center on Hwy 101. Ride up the trail 3.75 miles, then turn and come back down on a very challenging section of trail that links back to the original trail.

For a longer route, the Cummins Vista Loop Trail offers 10 miles of scenic touring with terrain to match all skill levels. The rider will be treated to commanding views of the Cummins Creek Wilderness and the Pacific Ocean.

For the 10-mile ride, start at the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center and ride 4 miles uphill on Forest Service Road 55. (For a spectacular view of the coastline, take a left on Road 5553 and go to the Cape overlook. It’s only an extra mile.) At the Cummins Creek trailhead, you will start a 4.5-mile descent on an old graveled trail and road which ends on FS Road 1050 at the Hwy across from Neptune State Park. Signs mark the more difficult sections of the trail.

Riders may want to leave a second vehicle at this end. Otherwise, the last 1.3 miles back to the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center is on Hwy 101. Riders: Use Extreme Caution – Hwy 101 road shoulders are narrow and traffic volumes can be heavy.

-Extend common courtesy at all times. Realize that people judge all cyclists by your actions.
-Control your speed at all times and approach turns in anticipation that someone will be around the bend.
-Yield right of way to other trail users.
-Stay on designated road and trails and avoid trampling vegetation and creating wheel ruts that can channel water and cause erosion.
-Observe signs prohibiting bicycle use. Bicycles are not allowed in the Wilderness area.
-Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines will help develop a positive attitude toward all cyclists.