Public Arts Tour

Public Arts Tour

Pick up a Yachats Walking Guide and take a self-guided tour.

Yachats art galleries feature local and regional artists. Several village gift shops feature works by local artists, craftspeople, and authors.

Yachats Arts Guild members display works for sale in several gift shops and restaurants about town, as well as in the Yachats Visitors Center and in the library.

The Yachats Farmers Market, held on Sundays from 9 am to 2 pm, includes vendors of local crafts. The market is open mid-May through mid-October and is located on 4th Street between Hwy 101 and Pontiac. This section of 4th Street is open to foot-traffic-only each Sunday for the market.

OUTDOOR PUBLIC ART includes the following:

Amanda Statue, a stone statue carved by local artist Sy Meadow. From the trailhead at the south end of town, the Amanda statue is 1.2 miles up the Amanda Trail, which includes a marker with Amanda’s story. Pick up a Yachats Trails Map at the Yachats Visitors Center, 241 Hwy 101.

Bazelgette the Whale, an earth and metal sculpture by local artist Jim Adler. Whale Tail Park, Hwy 101 & Prospect.

Sea Lion carved in Western Cedar by local artist Brian McEneny. Little Log Church Museum garden, 3rd & Pontiac, one block west of Hwy 101.

Portia the Sea Lion, a fiberglass sea lion colorfully painted by local artist Ruth Bass. Yachats Commons, Hwy 101 & W 4th St. This sea lion is part of Dancing with Sea Lions, a public art project of 20 painted fiberglass sea lions placed in the community to commemorate the Florence Events Center’s 20th anniversary. Sea lions are displayed in Florence, Reedsport, Yachats, and Waldport,

Oregon is Magic, a coast mural commissioned by Travel Oregon for their statewide Oregon Is Magic Mural Trail. It is located on Hwy 101 between 3rd and 4th streets on the east side of the highway.

Two murals behind the Yachats Commons, 441 Hwy 101. One is located outside the entryway of the Yachats Youth and Family Activities Program (YYFAP) and was painted by local artist Qahira Lynn. Another is along the wall behind the Yachats Commons Skate Park and was painted by community volunteers led by local artist Michael Guerriero. The artwork in the mural is based upon art produced by children of the youth program.

Murals painted on three businesses downtown: Luna Sea Fish House, Turtle Island Tattoo, and Green Salmon Coffee Co. & Cafe.

Large mosaic planters. Yachats Commons, Hwy 101 & W 5th St. Part of a 3-community volunteer project supported by the Ford Family Foundation that included Yachats, Waldport and Seal Rock. The production of the mosaics was coordinated by artist and Touchstone Gallery owner, Jacquee Christnot. All three communities publicly display the project’s large mosaic planters.

Yachats Summer Street Banners featuring original works by Yachats Arts Guild (YAG) members. The banners are auctioned each fall and new banners are produced for the following summer. This project is coordinated by artist and YAG member Michael Guerriero.

Abstract sculptures by local artist and gallery owner, Steve Dennis. The sculptures stand outside Earthworks Gallery, 2222 Hwy 101, at the north edge of town.

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