Welcome to our 50th anniversary fair and the 1st ever online Yachats Original Arts & Crafts Fair. Stay posted as we continue bringing artists in! We hope you enjoy browsing the fair, and we encourage you to visit the galleries in Yachats, too.

Find something fabulous and help support Pacific Northwest artists!

Alex De Bont

I am a blacksmith/ironworker who focuses on toolsmithing and the creation of functional objects. Most of my work is done in a more traditional style of blacksmithing, with hence heavy access to bench work and filing. Most of the things I make are targeted at being tools for other craftsmen/makers, but not exclusively.

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Ann Gentry

I am a nature-loving spirit inspired by the beauty of landscapes from the rainy Pacific Northwest to the sun-baked desert of the Southwest. I find joy in creating worlds full of color, whimsy, and fancy. What starts out as a block of clay transforms in my hands into a wall-hanging mosaic saturated with bright, bold colors; geometric shapes; and scenes overflowing with animals and plants. My mosaics brighten walls and lighten hearts; they embody scenes of growth, gratitude, and reflection.

The tools of my trade include raw clay, a clay roller, glazes, underglazes, brushes, knives, grout, angle iron, a welder, and a grinder. In working with a piece from start to finish, I ensure top-notch quality and authentic craftsmanship.

Each mosaic is set into a metal frame, grouted in place, and ready to hang. Shipping is free within the U.S. 

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Annie Fischer

I have been weaving and creating wearable art with my cotton and rayon chenille fabric for 40 years. My work continues to change as choices in color and texture evolve. I make vests, jackets, hats, coats, ruanas, shawls, and cloaks, and have very recently added stuffed elephants. My latest additions of tailored coats and luxurious rayon chenille have proven to be popular with my clients.

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Barbara Haddad

I have been a ceramic artist for over 30 years and am a member of the Oregon Potters Association and Local Clay. I’ve also been a long-time Saturday Market vendor in Eugene and in Portland. I’m now doing a few select arts & crafts shows in Oregon every year.

Each of my ceramic pieces is slab rolled, incised, and glazed with brilliant low-fire colors inspired by the cast ceramic bathroom wall decorations of the ’40s & ’50s. Natural variations in color and pattern make each wall tile unique. Or, perhaps a soap dish or tea bag holder is what you’re after? I also make ornaments for Christmas or year-round.

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Brooke Spehar

I have been creating jewelry and hair accessories for over twenty years – first with my parents, who taught me the skills and techniques and many of our old designs, and now for myself, as I add new designs each year.

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Bruce Allison

I create mixtures of oil paint and wax and compose my images on wood panels using graphite and charcoal. Then, I apply the paint and wax mixtures to the panels. My products incorporate quality reproductions of my original paintings and include cards, nightlights, clocks, and single and double light switchplates. Please see my online store for more information or to make a purchase.

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Cliff and Sam Scharf

Cliff and Sam have more than 50 years of combined experience making jewelry. Cliff started in the ’70s, and he started teaching Sam, along with all his kids, at his shop in Sisters, Oregon, in the early ’90s. Sam was hooked from an early age and began a long apprenticeship. This partnership has taken many forms but what always remains is two talented and passionate jewelers.

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David Udlock

Since my youth, I’ve been an avid Cribbage player, and now I also enjoy creating unique handcrafted cribbage boards from Oregon coastal driftwood.

All boards are $30 and include pegs. Email me to let me know which board you would like to purchase – provide the number of the photo and the board’s location in the photo. To see a still photo, right-click on the photo of interest; then click on, “Open image in a new tab.”

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Dawn Hemstreet

I’ve been a full-time artist/sculptor and teacher for 2+ years working in metal clay. I create one-of-a-kind or limited edition art jewelry by hand and do no mass production or casting production on my pieces. Each piece is hand created by me, and I use traditional sculpting and clay techniques to achieve the textures, shapes & dimensions. I have pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets collections for Land, Sea and Modern Geometric designs, as well as hand-sculpted feminine face art pieces.

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Joan Canty

I am a retired college instructor who has rediscovered jewelry making.  I love creating unique minimalist, Asian, and nature-themed designs with a dramatic flair.  I work primarily in gold filled or sterling silver metals, with some gems or beads, using cold connections only.

Please click on my online store for additional styles, information, to make purchases, or to contact me.

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Lori Bedard

I have been creating art glass professionally for 25 years. Within my Silverton Studio, I work with fused (kiln worked) and stained glass to design my artwork. Whether the piece I am designing is small or large, I strive for the unique, fresh, and enchanting side to art glass. Watch my Facebook page for additional pieces. You may contact me by email with your questions and to make a purchase.

Shipping costs are added at the time of purchase, or appointment times may be made for those who would like to visit my studio for a closer look or direct purchasing.

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Rebecca Hillwig

As a Pacific Northwest native, I cherish the colors and textures of nature. I aspire to embrace those elements in the jewelry, watercolor, and tile designs that I create. As an artist, it is my desire to keep my art and jewelry accessible.

Meeting you in person is my favorite way of communicating; but, when that’s not possible, I look forward to hearing from you through the web. I invite you to explore my website to view additional examples of my work. Please contact me by email with questions, to make a purchase, or to discuss a special order.

To see a still photo, right-click on the photo of interest in the slideshow; then click on, “Open image in a new tab.”

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Turi Hallett

I recently returned from 7 weeks as a guest teacher at Woodstock International School in India giving workshops to students on beading and wire weaving. I take inspiration from the old oak trees surrounding our property, thus the name of my business, Dryaduir, which means “spirit of the oak” in ancient Gaelic. I design simple beaded jewelry with semi-precious stones as well as pendant necklaces with wire wrapping and weaving techniques.

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Victor Guschov

I was born in Haverhill, Massachusetts in 1950. I began to paint seriously when I was fourteen, working in oils and watercolors. I graduated from Worcester Academy in 1969 and went on to Montserrat School of Visual Arts and the Art Students League of New York. Impatient with academics, I dropped out of school and began the life of a starving artist. My early paintings reflected the influences of Winslow Homer and the Rockport School. I then became strongly attracted to the work of the Impressionists. In 1977, I settled in Oregon, becoming established as a landscape and seascape artist. I have long worked in acrylics, but now I am also experimenting with impressed and painted porcelain bisque, as well as (click here ➽) copper windchimes.

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Vincent LaRochelle

I have been a jewelry artist for 40 years, working in sterling silver and 14 kt. gold. I cut, shape, and polish the stones that I use in my designs.

My focus is unusual jaspers, agates, minerals, and rare stone formations. I use what nature has created, turning it into a canvas, framed in silver or gold to showcase its inherent beauty. I work with sheet and wire which I forge, form, and solder. Most of my pendants are individually crafted, one-of-a-kind wearable pieces of art. I would characterize my style as unique and ever-changing with Asian and Art Nouveau influences.

My pendants range in price from $80 to $1500, and earrings from $20 to  $160. I make sterling and niobium earrings.

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