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HIKE, BIKE, PADDLE An introductory regional trails guide for Seal Rock, Waldport, and Yachats. Download trails descriptions and PDF trails maps to your mobile device.

Trails in Yachats

Yachats Trails Map (PDF)
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BEACH SAFETY NOTE: Please always use caution on the beach and rocky shoreline. Watch for swells and sneaker waves, know the tide schedule and stay away from logs in the surf or on wet sand. Do not turn your back on the ocean.

Historic 804 Trail
From Yachats State Recreation Area on the south to Smelt Sands State Wayside on the north, this oceanfront trail provides expansive ocean vistas and access to tide pools and pebbled coves. The graded trail is above the tideline and portions of the trail are wheelchair accessible. This trail is part of the Oregon Coast Trail system. 3.5 mi round trip. Elevation: Sea level. Easy Walking.

804 Trail North
Begins at Smelt Sands State Wayside at the N end of town and travels north 3/4 mile to a 7-mile stretch of sandy beach. (The full length of the sandy beach may be walked at low tide). Along this wheelchair accessible trail, you find Sitka Spruce and Shore Pine forest, ocean front meadows, riparian and wetland areas, and a small pebble beach. Parking, a public restroom, and interpretive signage are provided at the trail head, and a few benches and picnic tables are provided alongside the trail. (This trail also links to the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve public footpath - see below). 1.5 miles round trip. Easy.

804 Trail South
Begins at the W end of 2nd St at Yachats State Recreation Area, which has parking, picnic tables and lawn, and a public restroom. This park also provides an historical marker, a great view of the big mouth of the little Yachats River, and a viewing platform for tidepools and whale watching. From here the trail winds north through neighborhoods at the ocean's edge, and at the N end crosses the Adobe Resort's oceanfront lawn (to link to the 804 Trail N at Smelt Sands State Wayside). 2.0 miles round trip. Easy.

Ya'Xaik Trail
Located in north Yachats - this trail begins at the east end of Diversity Lane, traverses lush second growth forest and links at the north end to the public footpath in the Gerdemann Botanic Preserve. (Dogs not allowed in GDP.) 1.0 mile plus loop. Moderate with some steps and elevation change.

Gerdemann Botanic Preserve Public Footpath
Located in north Yachats - a public footpath on this private property offers a magical walk along a small creek midst big-leaf rhododendrons sheltered beneath a canopy of native coastal woodland. Rustic footpath with some steps; watch for roots in pathway. Access to this trail is provided via links in the 804 Trail N and the Ya'Xaik Trail. There is no parking at the GBP. Dogs not allowed. 1000 ft. Fairly Easy.

Amanda Trail
Immediately S of Yachats River Bridge find Yachats Ocean Road State Natural Site (W side of Hwy). Turn west off the highway and follow Yachats Ocean Road south to park if you are driving. (This section of coast is part of Oregon Coast Trail N.) Continue south on foot along Yachats Ocean Rd. At the south end of Yachats Ocean Road near the highway, follow the footpath on the W side of Hwy 101 for a short distance further south to Windy Way. At this point hikers must (carefully) cross 2-lane Hwy 101 to link to the Amanda Trail. The trail features panoramic ocean views and lush coastal woodland. It is an easy to moderate hike to the statue of Amanda (about 1/3 of the way up). After the Amanda statue the trail is a strenuous climb to the summit of Cape Perpetua. This trail is dedicated in memory of Amanda, a blind Coos woman who suffered injustices during 1860s' reservation years. Hiking boots and walking stick recommended. 3.6 mi one-way. Elevation: Sea level to 800 ft. Moderate-Difficult.

Yachats Community Park - Wetland Trail
Wetland park with a boardwalk trail located behind the Yachats Commons building and playground. W off Hwy 101 at 4th St. Wheelchair accessible. Sea Level. Easy.

Other Popular In-town Walks are also shown on this map (PDF), including flatland walks and an upland cardio work-out loop. Some of these routes are also suitable for wheelchairs and strollers and others for bicycles. Look for trail markers throughout the village.

Trails in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, 3 mi S of town

MAP/Artist's Rendering (PDF)

Captain Cook Trail
This paved path begins at the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center (S side of building) and heads down the hill thru the old CCC camp & shell middens to tide pools, Cook's Chasm, Spouting Horn, Thor's Well. View tide pools at low tide; Spouting Horn near high tide. 1.2 mi round trip. Elevation: 100 ft. - Sea Level. Easy.

Cape Cove Trail
After coming through the tunnel under Highway 101 from the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, turn right and go over the bridge into the parking lot. Follow the roadside trail north to the Cape Cove Trailhead to the beach. (Cape Cove Trail connects at its N end to the Restless Waters Trail.) 0.6 mi round trip. Elevation: Sea level. Easy.

Restless Waters Trail
Milepost 166.5. From Devil's Churn Information Station parking lot find a paved but steep trail to Devil's Churn. The trail hugs the coastline offering views of crashing waters, volcanic terraced tidepools and wind sculpted spruce. A wild place to be in winter. Watch for sneaker waves. Don't get close to the edge - each wave hits the rocks differently and has tremendous power and force. Devil's Churn is most spectacular around high tide. (There is also a wheelchair accessible viewing area for Devil's Churn in the top parking lot.) 2.0 mi round trip. Elevation: Sea level - 50 ft. Fairly Easy - Moderate.

NOTE: This trail can also be accessed from the parking area on the west side of Highway 101 just north of the Cape Perpetua Visitor's Center.

Giant Spruce Trail
This trail leads from the Cape Perpetua VC (N side of building) through an old growth forest as it parallels Cape Creek. The namesake of this trail is a nearly 600 year old Sitka spruce (an Oregon Heritage Tree). The tree is more than 185 ft. tall with a circumference of 40 ft. 2.0 mi round trip. Elevation: 100 ft. Easy.

St. Perpetua Trail
This trail can be entered from the bottom starting 1/4 mile up Forest Road 55. Or you can drive to the top of Cape Perpetua Overlook and park at Whispering Spruce trailhead. Begin at the junction of the two trails and follow the switchbacks down - this is the less difficult way. Coastal forest offering vast ocean views. Walking stick recommended. 1.3 miles one-way. Elevation: 100 - 800 ft. Difficult - but worth it.

Whispering Spruce Trail
Loop trail from Cape Perpetua Overlook parking lot with exceptional coastal and forest views. Panoramic ocean views from the historic stone West Shelter built by the CCC in 1934. Restroom in parking lot. Potable Water. Trail grades are easy to moderate 0 to 8%. 0.5 mi. Elevation: 800 ft. Easy with benches along the way.

Oregon Coast Trail S
This trail begins at Cape Perpetua VC (via Captain Cook Trail) and heads south. Rocky shore views. Ties to Gwynn Creek & Cummins Creek Trails. 2.6 miles round trip. Elevation: 160 to 100 ft. Moderate.

Cook's Ridge Trail
This trail connects Discovery Loop Trail and Cummins Creek Trail. To access this trail from the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center, follow the Discovery Loop Trail to its junction with the Cook's Ridge Trail. Cook's Ridge Trail climbs through old growth spruce forests and ends at its junction with Cummins Creek Trail. 4 mi one-way. Elevation 160 - 1500 ft. Difficult.

Gwynn Creek Trail
The Gwynn Creek Trail can be reached in several ways: from the trailhead one mile south of the Cape Perpetua Visitor Center, from Neptune State Park Trailhead at Milepost 170, from the Oregon Coast Trail, and from Cook's Ridge Trail.

Large Douglas-fir and Sitka Spruce can be seen on your hike. If hiked as a loop trail from the Cape Perpetua VC, the route includes the following trails: Discovery Loop, Cook's Ridge, Gwynn Creek and the Oregon Coast Trail for a total distance of 6.8 miles. 2.5 mi one-way. Elevation 100 - 1100 ft. Moderate-Difficult.

Discovery Loop Trail
Interpretive loop trail from Cape Perpetua VC (find trailhead at back edge of top level parking lot) thru forest in transition. 2 miles. Elevation: 100 - 500 ft. Moderate.

Cummins Creek & Cummins Creek Loop Trails
4.0 miles south of Yachats on Highway 101, turn east on Forest Road #1050, continue for 0.3 mile to a turnaround at the road's end. Both Cummins Creek & Cummins Creek Loop are shared with mountain bikers.

Cummins Creek Trail connects with Cummins Creek Loop and Cook's Ridge trails. The trail follows an old roadbed for the first 1.4 miles until it comes to a fork and veers right to follow a ridgeline through old growth Douglas-fir and spruce. At the next junction, veer left to return via Cummins Creek Loop Trail. Veer right to continue along the Cummins Creek Trail to its junction with Cook's Ridge Trail. The Cummins Creek Trail, returning via Cummins Creek Loop, is 6.25 miles. The trail has ocean views and goes through old growth and open meadows. Elevation 100 - 1100 ft. Moderate-Difficult.

This trail can be part of a 10-mile loop from the Cape Perpetua VC following Discovery Loop to Cook's Ridge Trail to Cummins Creek Trail, up the Oregon Coast Trail and back to the Cape Perpetua Visitors Center.

Hiking in Waldport, 8 mi N of Yachats

Waldport Trails & Attractions Map (PDF)

Waldport's Woodland Trail This newly opened trail winds through riparian and upland forest habitats. 1.0 mile. Elevation gain 50 feet. Moderate.


Heceta Head Area Trails, 12-14 mi S of Yachats

MAP/brochure (PDF)

Heceta Lighthouse Trails
MP 177.3 Begin at a poorly marked (but free) parking pullout on the east side of Highway 101. From the pullout, walk 100 feet north and cross the highway to find a Hobbit Trail post. When the path forks after 50 feet, keep left. This trail climbs through an ancient, wind-swept Sitka spruce forest with salal, rhododendrons, and views up the coast as far as Cape Perpetua. Wear boots, because the tread is slick and slippery in spots. After 1.3 miles the path switchbacks down to the lighthouse. 1.7 miles one-way. Elevation gain 600 feet.

MP 178.3 Heceta Lightstation State Park. A one-half mile walk from the parking lot up a trail alongside salal meadows and spruce groves on the south side of the lighthouse. 0.3 mile one-way. Elevation gain 150 feet.

Hobbit Trail
MP 177.3 It begins at a poorly marked (but free) parking pullout on the east side of Highway 101. From the pullout, walk 100 feet north and cross the highway to find a Hobbit Trail post. The Hobbit Trail leads to a quiet and pristine beach and connects to a number of other trails and to Carl G. Washburne State Park. 0.4 mile one-way. Elevation: Sea Level. Fairly easy.

Wilderness Areas, and more...

Cummins Creek     Rock Creek     Drift Creek

The Siuslaw National Forest is home to three small wilderness areas featuring coastal forests of old growth Sitka spruce, western hemlock and Douglas fir. They include limited trails or no trail systems and offer some day use and backpacking opportunities with quiet wilderness solitude. Observe Wilderness Guidelines & Regulations when visiting.

Port of Alsea Waldport - Wildlife & Hiking
(8 miles N of Yachats)

Beaver Creek State Natural Area / Trails Map
PDF MAP with several miles of trails. NEW!
(15 miles N of Yachats)

Mike Miller Educational Park Trail (South Beach, 24 mi N)

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area (Florence south)

Siuslaw National Forest (Tillamook to Coos Bay)

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