Lincoln County Mycological Society Members
participating in this festival


Freda Holloran: Freda Holloran is the founder of the Lincoln County Mycological Society. She has been studying mushrooms for over thirty years. Freda is registered with the poison control centers and is called upon by local hospitals to identify mushrooms that have made people sick.

Alan Amundsen: The Yachats Village Mushroom Fest attracted Alan Amundsen a few years ago when he was a newcomer to the Pacific Northwest. Alan attended the festival, got excited about mushrooms, joined the Lincoln County Mycological Society and became an active member. He's now been collecting mushrooms for about 6 years, and for the last couple of years Alan has coordinated LCMS's set-up of mushroom displays at our festival.

Dr. Carol Culton: Carol Culton writes the Lincoln County Mycological Society Newsletter. She has been involved with Pacific Northwest mushrooms for about 7 years. Carol is also involved with the International Dendrological Research Institute and has assisted research scientists in the collection of botanical specimans in China, New Zealand and Japan.

Bob Demming: Bob Demming is an enthusiastic new member of the Lincoln County Mycological Society. (more info to come).

Phil Lamberson: By profession Phil Lamberson is a surveyor. It is said that surveyors get to go to those places other people can't find on a map yet. Phil is a source of mushroom information for Lincoln County Mycological Society, and they just love it when he brings his pack goats on a foray.

Bruce Waugh: Bruce Waugh leads Lincoln County Mycological Society members on forays to find mushrooms. In addition to being a mushroom expert, Bruce is a master gardener, surfer, hang glider, and all around outdoorsman.


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