Steve Carpenter is the President of Pacific Analytical Laboratory in Philomath. He has been collecting and consuming mushrooms since 1956. Steve has written several field guides, including Mushrooms of Mary's Peak, and teaches mushroom identification classes in Corvallis. His lab is currently developing a protocol for inoculation of trees with edible ectomycorrhizal mushrooms for agricultural production. He graduated from OSU with a BS in Botany, Cornell with an MS in Mycology, and later was a Fellow at the New York Botanical Garden, where he received his Ph.D. from the City University of New York. Steve was a member of numerous mycology expeditions to the Andean chain in South America while at NYBG. He was a Research Associate in mycology at the LA Museum of Natural History in the 1980's and a National Science Foundation Principal Investigator at OSU. Upon his return to Oregon, he researched microbial recovery at the Mt. St. Helens devastation zone and microbial interactions in old growth forest ecosystems.


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